Model LB: Floatless Valve System

The Model LB with Floatless Valve System features unmatched winter endurance for two to three head access. The entire tub of water is constantly and directly warmed by the wide column of ground heat that prevents freezing of the valve and plumbing, even with zero traffic. Cleaning is easy — lift out the tub, swirl the water and empty it out. The more complex and sensitive floatless valve (not made by Cobett) requires a strainer, even for city water. A diaphragm that senses the water weight activates this valve. The floatless valve water level may vary 1″ to 2″ from day to day due to changes in the atmospheric and/or water pressure. The floatless valve comes with a tool to set the water level.

Model LB Waterer:
29″ D x 48″ H
Ship Height: 49.5″
Ship Weight: 100 lbs.
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1. Lid (extended non-use)
2. Model LB Waterer
3. Tub
6. 3” Polyurethane Insulation
8. Valve Guard
9. 1/4″ Floatless Valve
10. Support Rod
11. Quick Coupler & Adapter
12. Quick Coupler & Adapter
13. Ball Valve
14. Flexible Hose
15. Strainer & Flush Valve
16. Anchor Rod
17. 36″ Base Tube
18. 1″ Polyethylene Waterline not included

Gallons: 18

Opening: 17.5”

Side Reach: 6.5”

Water Level: 2”-3” from top of tub

Drinking Height: 20″ Maximum or less

Waterer Construction: 1/2” Polyethylene Plastic

Tub & Float Construction: 1/4″ Polyethylene Plastic

Base Tube Construction:
— 3/16” Polyethylene Plastic
— 36” Tube – no insulation
— 61” & 87” Tubes partially insulated – 2” thick

— Dry Lot Beef: 200 Head
— Range Cows: 100 Head

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Floatless Valve:

VA-025 – 1/4″ Floatless Valve
Pressure Feed
Clean Water Only
1/4” Orifice
Ballcock Thread
Avg: 40 PSI = 2.25 GPM
Max: 80 PSI = 3.25 GPM

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Filter Fabric: FF-1010, 15′ x 15′

Ice Chipper: 17″ – IC-1010

Optional –  Non-insulated Base Tube Extensions:  BT-2005 – 18” or BT-1010 – 36”

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Base Tube Options: